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Digital transformation of business and IT at the scale of company, corporate, canton, city, country, confederation, continent, community

Digital Transformation of an enterprise (also a city, country, industry, etc.) necessitates that primary artefacts of an enterprise (e.g. products and services) are available in digital form to reap advantages of being digital. Such digital form (i.e. formal, explicit, computer-readable and computer-executable presentation) may co-exist with other forms – material, analogical, bionic, etc. 

For example, a house may be designed in a digital form which is used to command 3D industrial printer to build this house in a material form. See also


At present Digital Transformation is a daunting activity, because in the digital world, everything must be accurate, reliable, reliable, and so on. In the digital world, in comparison with the material world, everything is faster, more complex and bigger. At such speeds and scopes, a person is too unreliable (often makes mistakes) and is too slow (not quickly his and others correct mistakes). Therefore, all elements of the digital enterprise must be perfectly mutually consistent, and the wrong elements of the digital enterprise should be switched off immediately, in order to avoid the possible increase in damage. Changing even one bit can lead to a rapid collapse, like a "house of cards". Thus, any digital enterprise to be successful must be a Digital System. More information is available from these documents



01 Global system

01 Глобальная система

02 Terminology

02 Терминология

03 Global Bank for Digital Transformation

03 Глобальный Банк Цифровой Трансформации

04 Investing viewpoint

04 Инвестиционная точка зрения

05 Equity sharing

05 Долевое участие

06 Various foundations

06 Различные фонды

07 Regional Digital Transformation

07 Цифровая Трансформация Региона

08 Digital Transformation is a Permanent Systemic Perestroika

08 Цифровая Трансформация - это Постоянная Системная Перестройка

09 How to execute Digital Transformation

09 Как проводить Цифровою Трансформацию

10 Joining BlockChain and Business Process Management (BPM)

10 Объединение Блокчейн и управления при помощи процессов (BPM)

11 Digital Transformation of healthcare

11 Цифровая Трансформация охраны здоровья человека

12 InvestTech terminology (including Blockchain)

12 ИнвестТех терминология (включая блокчейн)

13 Our story about Digital Transformation (DT)

13 Наша история о Цифровой Трансформации (ЦТ)


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