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Architectural Bureau SAMARIN.BIZ (ABS) for Architecting Businesses as Systems (ABS)

WHY we do what we do

We believe that many improvements in operational excellence and strategy execution can be achieved with reasonable efforts and commodity IT tools. We believe in thinking architecturally, planning pragmatically and doing like engineers.

HOW we do what we do

For clients’ unique cases, we architect the synergy between business strategy, modern technologies & tools and business best practices. Also, we teach clients how to do this next time by themselves.

WHAT is the result of our work for clients

The result of our work leads to less stress, higher performance, higher security, less risk, higher predictability of results, better operations, and liberating client’s business potential. Other benefits:

  • Staff members can concentrate on the uniquecchallenges of their business and not waste time re-inventing the wheel.
  • Armed with actionable patterns, different staff members will employ similar services to implement similar enterprise capabilities thus increasing the re-usability of these services.
  • Routine activities will be gradually eliminated thus increasing the time for added-value contributions.
  • Modern technologies will be employing in a coordinated and transparent way to streamline evolution and reduce overlapping and omissions.
  • Disjointed solutions and systems will fuse into a coherent platform for business execution, which will act as a catalyst for business innovation.

Our services

Architectural guidance services

We help a client to see a big picture and implement it with its own pace and under its own circumstances.


  • Audit of existing information systems
  • Development of the IT strategy
  • Establishment of the governance for your (enterprise or IT) architecture
  • Creation of an initial version of your enterprise architecture
  • Creation of an initial version of your architecture repository
  • Architecture and initial design of information systems
  • Architectural supervision of projects related to information systems
  • Audit of projects related to information systems
  • Preparation of bids
  • Evaluation of bid’s replies

Education services

Improvement is a continual activity that is carried out by each people, company, organisation, country at own pace. To do it successfully, they should be properly trained, equipped and be able to execute improvements by themselves.

System of actionable patterns services

Although the core business processes in each enterprise are unique, they are “constructed” from typical business working practices – e.g. delegation of authority, group approval, 4-eye check, etc. Actionable patterns is about formalising and perfecting these working practices. The some of these patterns are expressed in executable BPMN thus making them available for businesses via modern BPM tools.


  • Audit of existing business processes (to find implicit use of patterns)
  • Establishment of process modelling practices
  • Rework or new implementation of business processes
  • Build initial prototypes for process-centric solutions

Practical help services

We start working with an internal team as master-apprentice and gradually increasing its maturity level.


  • Leading for some projects
  • Supervising the evolution
  • Mentoring for long-time
  • Coaching for short-term
  • Access to our knowledge base

Other resources

A lot of our experience is documented in a Book.

There is a number of BPM, SOA, EA, ECM, governance, risk management, security and strategy questions answered through blog.


Please contact us directly (use "Contact" button at the right-top corner) shall you need more help.

Alexander Samarin

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